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Refyne Finance Private Limited is a private limited Company incorporated on 4th Feb 2021 under the Companies Act, 2013 for the purpose of undertaking Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC) operations in India subject to requisite approval from the Reserve Bank of India (“RBI”). 

Refyne Finance is a dynamic and innovative financial platform that addresses the credit challenges faced by the unserved and underserved demographics in India. The platform operates at the intersection of technology and finance, leveraging advanced data sciences to streamline the loan application process and enhance the overall customer experience.

One of the standout features of Refyne Finance is its commitment to financial inclusiveness. The platform goes beyond traditional lending models by offering easy Equated Monthly Installments (EMIs) and extended repayment tenures. This user-friendly approach makes credit more accessible, ensuring that borrowers can manage their repayments in a manner that aligns with their financial capabilities.

Refyne Finance's emphasis on leveraging technology to mitigate risks showcases its forward-thinking approach. By incorporating data sciences into their risk assessment processes, the platform not only protects its interests but also fosters a more secure and sustainable lending environment. This commitment to responsible lending contributes to the platform's reputation as a trustworthy financial partner.

In summary, Refyne Finance stands out as a forerunner in the financial landscape of India, championing the cause of financial inclusiveness through user-friendly repayment structures and the strategic application of data sciences. As a catalyst for positive change, Refyne Finance plays a crucial role in bridging the credit gap and empowering individuals who have traditionally been overlooked by mainstream financial institutions.

Our Vision: To build best in class lending infrastructure for the larger part of the society.

Our Mission: To plug technology in traditional financial processes to make it so seamless that it can redefine the entire landscape of financial services and borrowings. 


The mission of Refyne Finance aims to:
   •    Revise the landscape of short-term loans and become Industry leader in this segment; and 
   •    Support the Indian population who is out of the umbrella of the traditional lenders by catering to their needs.

Backed by a strong team of seasoned professionals, Refyne Finance is applying to the RBI for issuance of license for undertaking NBFC activities in India. The Company will be headquartered at Bangalore, India. 

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